Saturday, May 23, 2009

So I have FINALLY had a few hours to sit and re-configure my photos, upload them, and save them. electronics do not like me. However, let's move on. We have encouraged all our guests this month to add honey to the Blackberry Balsamic Chicken if they would rather have a sweeter version. We would love to hear some feedback on that!
Here is a pic of the dish, served over jasmine rice with a side of veggies.
I also have here a pic of one of my favorite dishes EVER. We had Sonoma Grilled Steaks a bit back. The steaks were so good. Here is a pic of those. Wish a side of pearl couscous and grilled veggies (all sides are available at our store). I realize I need to buy some more interesting plates - sorry. But the food really should be the focus.
As we enter our last week in May, we have a few things going on. Tuesday night we have an Open House Fundraiser for Make a Wish. Creative Memories with be there with some door prizes too. And we have a delivery day for State Farm! so sign up and get your May dinners before they are gone!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here it is, we are in May. Where did April go???
So, this month we have a couple of brand new meals. At least new to us. We've been open 1 1/2 years now so maybe they've been on the menu before. The meal I was most excited about is the Balsamic Blackberry Chicken. So we made it right away. The first time we followed the instructions and it was OK. But not exactly what we were expecting. Too balsamicy (is that a word?), so much soy taste. So the second time I added some honey. YUM!!! Adding honey to the berry sauce gave it more body and enhanced the berry flavor, without overwhelming the balsamic. To round it out I served it over Jasmine Rice. So the sauce soaked into the rice too. We decided to add honey as an option for this recipe, let our guests decide. You can add it at home too. I put in @ 2 TBSP honey for a 3-serving. I took pictures too, and I'll try to get it posted soon.
I also had the SW Chicken with Red Beans and Rice. I only used 1/2 of the seasonings and grilled them. Most of my family do not care for a lot of spice, so using half was perfect for us. We will use the rest another day. I really enjoyed the rice mixture. It had great flavor. I think it would be great next month with the Tex Mex Pork too. Perhaps we will offer it as a side option.
Coming soon, we'll try the Monte Cristo Chicken. Allergy info and side info will be posted tomorrow too.
Happy May!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tomorrow we launch a 4-week fundraiser with the MOPS group from ECC. We are very excited about having another fundraiser - it's been a while. Which I think is rather silly, because we have awesome fundraisers. You get food. Good food. Not low-quality chocolate, pizzas, or wrapping paper. Thank goodness the ladies at ECC agree. So here is the scoop. You can come in anytime Tuesday, March 10th between 5 - 8 PM and make some meals. You do not need the minimum 36 servings. If you want to make 1, make 1. We are donating 10% of the proceeds to ECC MOPS. And this is just the beginning. If you come in anytime between March 10 & April 18 and let us know you are participating in the fundraiser, we will donate 10% of your total. Simple as that. Of course, we cannot combine this fundraiser with another offer. So if you are in Dream Rewards, use SCRIP, etc. where you already receive a discount or such, we cannot donate to another cause. Sorry. BUT, you can put off Dream Rewards for a month, or use those scrip certificates another time.
So, if you can, stop by Tuesday night. It's for a good cause and it's bound to be a fun time!

Friday, March 6, 2009

No new pics today, but here is the allergy info for the month of March. Please keep in that while we do our very best to note the major allergens, you still need to check ingredients as you prepare the meals.
Crispy French Onion Chicken ~ milk, soy
Sonoma Grilled Steaks ~ milk, pignoli nuts,
Yancey Pork Roast ~ soy
Asian Salmon with Jasmine Rice ~ milk
Pesto Cheese Ravioli with Chicken and Walnuts ~ milk, eggs, wheat
Peanut Crusted Fish Filet with Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce ~ milk, wheat, peanuts
Calzones ~ egg, milk, wheat, soy
Island Chicken with Coconut Rice ~ milk, soy, wheat, soy
Cheese Lover's Manicotti~ milk, wheat, eggs
Lemon Chicken Piccata ~ soy, milk, wheat
Beach Street Shrimp Scampi with Pasta ~ milk, shellfish
Chicken with Honey, Garlic & Orange ~ soy, wheat, milk
Arroz Con Pollo ~ milk, soy, wheat, cheese
Chicken Mirabella ~ OK

And there you have it. Many of these allergens can be omitted simply by leaving it out or using a substitute. We have a vegetable soup base on hand that is allergen-free! Just ask for it and we will be happy to bring it out for you. We also have vegetarian "chicken" available - FINALLY!! It's only taken us a year.(augh!!) Please let us know you would like to assemble vegetarian meals when you register so we can make sure to have enough on hand. If you have any specific questions or need more info please contact us at
Have a great day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's March! Spring is just around the corner and we can shed our heavy coats - at least for right now. Yesterday we participated in the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. We decided food was a must, after all, we ARE Dream Dinners. We served up Grilled Sonoma Steaks and Chicken Mirabella. Both meals were a big hit. It was interesting to see how, as soon as Amy fired up the little grill, people came out of nowhere! I forgot to take a pic of the steaks, sorry. I will another day. but let me tell you, they are AWESOME! Tender steak, tomato pesto, goat cheese. Melt in your mouth. I DID remember to take a pic of the chicken mirabella. I must confess, I am a bit partial to the mirabella. And yesterday we cooked it in a crock pot. I'd never tried that before, but it came out just as tender and yummy as in the oven. We always serve this over rice or couscous so we can soak up as much juice as possible.
We enjoyed meeting so many people yesterday. And we look forward to an exciting March!

Monday, February 9, 2009

allergies and such

a new month, a new menu. Within the next few days I'll be posting some pics of meals for this month. But until I re-download all my camera info, I'll post the allergy info.
Please remember that this list is what we have found. When you assemble your meals please be aware of all ingredients and possible substitutions.
Pork Burritos - wheat, soybean oil (tortillas)
Meatloaf Milano with Mashed Potatoes - soy, milk, eggs
California Chicken - wheat, milk, soy
Aztec Steaks with black bean rice - soy (in the worcestershire sauce)
Chicken & White Bean Chili - OK
with corn fritters - cheese, milk, eggs, soy, wheat
Parmesan Crusted chicken - eggs, wheat, milk
Saucy Beef Tips - soy, wheat
with egg noodles - egg, wheat
Caribbean Pork Roast - soy (worchestershire sauce)
French Country Chx - soy, wheat
Blackened Salmon with Pineapple Salsa - milk (butter)
Classic chicken & Dumplings - milk, soybean oil, wheat
Seafood Cioppino - shellfish
Cream Chicken risotto - wheat, soy, milk

Many of these meals can be made by omitting certain ingredients, or adding "safe" substitutions at home. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us. We try to keep all labels for future reference, and if we do not know we will find out.
This is the beauty of making them yourself, you have control over what you use!

Monday, January 19, 2009

family meals

In the Sunday Life section of the paper there is an article written by Doreen Nagle. She writes about different parenting issues and offers solutions or ideas. This past Sunday the headline was "Family meals lead to healthier, happier kids" In this article she mentions several studies that we have used in various Sneak Peeks and Lunch & Learns. These studies conclude that teens who eat with their family on a regular basis have a lower than average chance of smoking, drinking, and substance abuse compared to those teens who do not. Children who eat regular meals with their family have better relationships with their parents and have a higher level of language development. They also have a lower risk of eating disorders, obesity, and depression.
The article goes on to give suggestions on how to make mealtime fun and how to make the most of this time together. She had several pointers that I plan on using too.
I'm sure you can access this on the journal & courier website. (Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009)
The bottom line is that eating family meals together around the dinner table is vital in how our children grow and develop.
As our economy makes everything more expensive, our habits tend to change. Last week on the news they talked how cobblers are busier than ever, clothing/resale is seeing a surge, and things that are considered a luxury are being cut. Instead of going out to eat, more people opt for the lesser expense of fast food. This is not what I'm saying, this is what THEY said, at noon, 5:30, 6:30 and 11. Really, fast food is less expensive?? Well, yes. Compared to a sit down restaurant. But.... how about staying home and eating?
It is cheaper. And healthier. And better for you all around.
So eat at home 3 times a week and see what a difference it makes. And let us help. Every month we provide many wonderful healthy meals. You can assemble them for your family in less than 2 hours and be ready for the month. Let us help you with the planning, prep, stress, and clean-up. Give us a call and let us make your life easier and healthier!!
Tomorrow - more dinner pics